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Choque Cultural held its first show in 2004 and since then it has a remained a safe harbour for artists coming from different places such as tattoo art, graffiti, graphic design and illustration. Based in the heart of São Paulo, the gallery is an ever-changing space with a rich programme of exhibitions and installations across three floors

São Paulo has long been known for its graffiti art and particularly since the late 90s many of its home-grown artists have become known worldwide. Talented artists such as Os Gemeos, Herbert Baglione and Vitché have brought deserved attention to Sao Paulo’s wider graffiti art culture

Choque has an important role in valuing new art forms, which have developed on the street or from street culture. Its secret is the respect it has for the artists, even if they don't have a conventional professional background, or their proposals are sometimes subversive.

The artists vision is important to Choque therefore experimentation is encouraged, whether its in their artwork or materials. Every detail is considered from the paper stock to special metallic inks. Sometimes hand drawn details are added directly on to the silk-screens or printed papers, while some artists have also developed their own embossed symbols for these editions.